Audio Scripture Ministries wants techies.

By March 15, 2005

India (MNN)–India’s shift away from a Hindu nationalist government have prompted one mission agency to issue a call for ‘techies.’

Audio Scripture Ministries’ Tom Dudenhofer says, “The volume of recording opportunities has jumped on us, such that we’re looking for people with a little technical background and a sense of adventure who would like to help us get these languages recorded and really set the foundation for ministry in these areas.”

With the overall government line taking a more moderate approach to minority faiths, it seems to be a good time to build the future ministry. ASM works with Bible translators, missionaries, and others who recognize the need for Scriptures in audio format.

That means they also assist projects such as leadership training, evangelism, and Bible literacy. Prior to the country’s elections, such work was far more dangerous. With a Sikh heading the government, there appears to be, at least on paper, more tolerance. While a grassroots Hindu nationalist movement does exist, and persecution is on the rise, people are responding to the Gospel.

With the anti-conversion laws failing in India, ASM has a window of opportunity that allows them to continue recording Scriptures in the indigenous languages. “Right now, we need people who would be able to give us preferably two weeks to two months at least and to work with our Indian national ministries and provide them with a little technical backup, and a little technical support, and even spend the time in actually recording a language that’s been translated.”

Go to their website for more details on how you can be involved in this crucial work.

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