The vanguard of Lebanon’s revolution wears sneakers. Peers encourage them to turn to Christ.

By March 15, 2005

Lebanon (MNN)–The so-called ‘Cedar Revolution’ of Lebanon is made up of the sons and daughters of a civil war society.

Many of those on the leading edge protesting for Lebanese freedom from Syria are young people. “The youth are the ones that are being impacted by what’s going on in Beirut right now, because they are the new generation.”

That’s the opinion of SAT-7’s Glenn Hartson says in response, they’re starting up a new outreach, called ‘Teens,’ aimed at these young people. “They are sensing, for the first time, literally, in their lifetime, they have the ability to really express and be part of what could potentially be a new Beirut.”

Hartson says youth are looking to peers as a voice to be able to express themselves about what is happening in Lebanon. Another factor is technology and information access. Many young people are more informed about the happenings around them, so it becomes more important to be current in order to keep the audience.

He says their hosts will do that, and center the discussions around Christ. “If you can provide the right resources for them to avail themselves with, obviously, that has a Christian perspective, I think they’re very eager to hear and to learn because they see this as an opportunity for their voices to be heard.”

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