Religious freedom is threatened as new law awaits a decision in parliament.

By March 15, 2005

Kazakhstan (MNN) — Religious freedom in Kazakhstan is in question as a new law is in parliament, pending discussion and decision in the next few weeks.

Bible Mission International’s Beate [Bay-AH-tah] Peters, translating for Frants Tissen [Franz TEE-son], says the legislation would greatly affect Christians, and missions work would be hit hard.

Peters says, “I think first of all it will be more complicated for foreign missionaries to come to our country. They will be under strict control and their activities will be limited.”

Christians would also not have as much freedom. All written, audio and video Christian literature would be screened before distribution and people would have to register their church attendance.

Current laws in Kazakhstan guarantee religious freedom, but not all parts of the country abide by it, says Peters. Bible Mission asks Christians to join them in prayer.
“Well, we are just entrusting the whole situation into the hands of the Lord. He knows better how to lead His church. We will pray that the Lord would somehow stop that law to be passed, but if He allows for that law to be passed, we pray to Him to give us wisdom to act in the right way in these new conditions.”

Bible Mission workers are concerned about the situation there in Kazakhstan. They ask for more people to become prayer partners with them in ministry. They believe that nothing will stop the work of God, and nothing will happen outside of His will. God will continue working in the hearts and lives of people in Kazakhstan, and they need the prayers of other Christians to support them at this time.

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