‘Audiopot’ to relaunch in two weeks

By March 4, 2009

Great Britain (MNN) — The only online library in Britain containing creative Christian audio will relaunch in two weeks, says HCJB Global -UK. On Monday, March 26, inspirational audio clips will be available again to teachers, church workers, and radio broadcasters. You can view the site by clicking here. A ministry of HCJB Global-UK, "Audiopot" was originally intended to be a resource for religious broadcasters on mainstream U.K. radio stations. Since the site's 2000 release, it has expanded to include those working in education and churches.

"You won't find any sermons on Audiopot!" said HCJB Global-UK Director Colin Lowther. "Everything…is designed to challenge a non-Christian audience about the Christian faith. It consists of thoughts, interviews, features, drama, faith stories and Christian commercials, all of which are creative, thought-provoking, and rarely longer than three minutes."

Improvements to the Web site include an innovative page for teachers, new search and browse features, and an updated audio calendar. Audiopot's EDPACE section allows teachers and those working in education to search the site library using a unique syllabus of religious education topics. Teachers can use the syllabus to easily find items fitting a particular theme and then apply the information in classroom discussion.

"Teachers are always on the lookout for creative ways to get to the heart of the matter with young people," says Lowther, "so the EDSPACE section of the Web site is a place for them to find audio that will shed new light on spiritual topics, using human and real life stories, keeping everything firmly in the culture of today."

Audiopot contains nearly 2,000 clips, available to preview and download at no charge. Award-winning material from Britain's top Christian radio production groups is listed among the spots offered. According to HCJB Global-UK, the site serves hundreds of teachers, church workers and broadcasters who use its audio regularly.

"With new items being added each week, there's always something new to discover," Lowther said.

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