August wildfires killed 90 in Algeria

By November 12, 2021

Algeria (MNN) — In August, sudden wildfires swept through Algeria’s Kabyle region. Ninety people died, and many others lost their homes and farms. The Algerian army came to battle the flames after they overwhelmed local firefighters.

Joe Willey with SAT-7 USA says, “SAT-7 staff witnessed the destruction firsthand. In fact, their immediate family members live less than a mile away from the perimeter of the fire.” Thankfully, the blaze did not reach their homes.

Challenges in the region

But this region of Algeria has already suffered greatly due to COVID-19. Many families have lost multiple people to the virus. Christians often feel isolated, as churches remain closed.

That’s where SAT-7 comes in. Willey says, “The Algeria programs are varied. They have worship programs, teaching, and testimony programs too. Now importantly, all reach Christians in their homes. There is also a new social media brand called Free Souls that is designed to spread the hope of the Gospel throughout the region using social media.”

This strategy complements SAT-7 PLUS, an online streaming platform launched earlier this year. Willey says, “People in the Middle East and North Africa, especially young people, are now able to view Christian programming on their smartphone, on their device, or on their television, over the internet and anytime they want.”

How to pray

Algeria faces great economic and political uncertainty as well. Many people are searching for God in these troubled times.

Willey says, “Please pray that Algerian Christians would be comforted through these difficult economic times and these disasters. Also pray that the SAT-7 team in North Africa would be protected and that God would provide the resources they need to continue sharing the hope of Christ.”



The header photo shows smoke over northern Nigeria on August 11. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)

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