Hindu nationalists threaten India Christians

By November 11, 2021

India (MNN) — On November 2, a group of Hindu Nationalists stormed a Christian gathering, beating two pastors and burning Bibles. They demanded Christians stop meeting.

On November 6, another mob attacked 14 Christian homes, wanting to make their village “Christian-free.” Several Christians suffered injuries in the attack.

Both incidents happened in India’s Chhattisgarh State, where recently a Hindu priest called for the beheading of those who convert to Christianity while speaking at a rally.

John Pudaite with Bible for the World says this attitude has become very normal in parts of India. “Under this ruling Hindu government, a Hindu priest can speak out like that, and actually his rally is attended by political leaders. It’s something that’s flashed across the country. People are voicing their support for this. He’s also the same Hindu priest is also called for all people who kill cows to be shot with glass bullets.”

Indian Christians

But Indian Christians continue to live, work, and share the Gospel with those around them. Chhattisgarh State, along with several other Indian states, has passed anti-conversion laws.

These movements want to stop people from converting to Christianity or other religions away from Hinduism. Pudaite says, “On one hand, we look at that and praise the Lord, because it means that our efforts and those of our national Christian partners are successful, that the body of Christ is growing in India. The other side, of course, is that we pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in India who may be brought up on some false charges of forced conversion.”

 Continue to pray for Indian Christians. Ask God to comfort and strengthen them as Hindu nationalists harass and threaten them.



Header photo courtesy of hari_mangayil on Pixabay.

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