Back to the Bible opens in Japan

By May 11, 2005

Japan (MNN) — It’s being called, “B-Japan.” That’s the name Back to the Bible is giving their newest ministry office located in Japan. The ministry officially opened the office a few days ago in Tokyo.

Dave Hansen is Back to the Bible’s International Director. Hansen was at the opening. “We have access to 24-hours a day, an audio channel, which is part of a network of audio channels which has over a million and a half subscribers. We also are developing an internet ministry.”

Hansen says cable audio channels are more popular than cable television. He says, “Obviously they have multiple channels that deal with different topics. And, we are the only religious channel that someone can tune in to.”

B-Japan is already cable-casting, says Hansen. “We right now are doing three hours per day. Our goal is to get that up to eight hours per day. We’ve got a list of about 20 different things that we hope to do in the next few years to increase from three to eight hours. Because of the realities of having only three staff, we are going to look for a lot of volunteers.”

Hansen says Christians will be the main focus on this cable broadcast. B-Japan’s goal is, “To help believers grow in their faith, to reach out to their neighbors, reach out to people who they work with, to encourage pastors.”

Back to the Bible is now it 20 languages world-wide. Pray that believers in Japan will help fund this discipleship and evangelism training ministry.

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