Back to the Bible school now on its own

By December 1, 2005

India (MNN) — 12 years ago Back to the Bible saw a need in India. The low caste Dalit children couldn’t get an education. Many were struggling. The only way to break free from the grips of poverty was education. And through a Christian education many of these Hindu children would come to Christ. So, they started an English school called the Greenfield School, locate just outside of Hyderabad.

Because the school has grown so incredibly, Back to the Bible was forced to make a decision, says Dave Hansen. “Well, it’s grown so much that it became really necessary for Back to the Bible to spin it off from the media ministry.” That officially takes place on January 1st.

Hansen says it now known as the Greenfield School Ministries. “I say ministries because not only do we have the school, but we also minister to the rag picker kids, who normally spend their entire day walking around villages collecting anything, such as plastic or rags and then try to sell that to get just enough money for food.”

They’ve started a ministry to these kids by providing at least one meal a day and helping them with basic education. It’s all done for one reason, says Hansen. “Most of these kids have never been exposed to Jesus Christ and yet you start hearing them recite Scripture, you hear them singing songs about Jesus, some of them coming to a personal faith in Jesus Christ. While it’s all about education for them, Jesus is what it’s all about for us.”

Hindu nationalists, at times, have opposed the school and criticized it for being Christian, Hansen says that hasn’t changed their focus. “While we give them an extremely high level of education for that village area, we are not going to water down the realities that what is important is them coming to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.”

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