Backpacks, school restore normalcy

By August 17, 2010

Dominican Republic/Haiti (MNN) — For kids in impoverished
countries, they rarely have the chance to get new toys, or any toys, let alone
basic necessities.

That's why Kids Alive International sent a container of three
playground sets to the Dominican Republic. The container arrived on August 2,
after a month or so of preparation in the U.S.

Brian Veen with Kids Alive has been a missionary to the
Dominican Republic since 2009, and he said the container also included 150 desks, a
dental chair, supplies to outfit a dental office, and $20,000 worth of medicine.
With these desks, Kids Alive will be able to equip five new classrooms and
educate 100 new students.

But that's not all. Veen said, "It included 250
backpacks–the majority of which are going to Haiti to supply our children
there and allow them to go to school in the fall. Many of these children are
refugees from the recent earthquake disaster."

Giving these kids a chance to return to school or attend for
the very first time will not only restore a sense of normalcy to their lives,
it will give them more opportunities to overcome poverty and impact their communities
in the future.

In fact, Veen said, that's the goal of Kids Alive
in both countries: "The kids in our programs are given all of the basic
needs: health care, food, an education. And at the same time, we teach
them about the love Christ in their lives. Ultimately, we hope that these kids
will grow up as mature members of their own community, and that they'll have
the opportunity to give back to children just like themselves."

To keep this work going, Kids Alive needs help with child sponsorships. Click here to sponsor a child from Haiti or
Dominican Republic for just $35 each month.

Also, pray for the ministry of Kids Alive to continue to thrive
in both countries.

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