Bad economy slows pastoral training efforts

By December 23, 2009

Kenya (MNN/AIM) — The World Bank projects a modest 3.5 percent growth in
Kenya's economy for next year. That's good
news, considering the drought of 2009.

Multiple problems, beginning with the post-election violence and turning to a
severe drought during the year, left the majority of Kenyans in poverty. 

The story reads no differently for Scott Theological College, an Africa
Inland Mission
partner in Machakos, Kenya. 

Over 200 students from across Africa reported for classes, but only 20 could
pay their tuition. The problem hinders
the college from properly training pastors.  

The college is an educational institution providing an evangelical
theological education that is accredited at university level. Its purpose is
to provide training for church ministries at a more advanced academic level
than was available through the Bible Schools of the AIC. While functioning as
the national theological College of the Africa Inland Church, it has
existed from the beginning to serve all churches.

One of the strengths of Scott Theological College is that more than 70% of all
operating expenses come from within Africa, underscoring the local ownership
for the Institution. However, this also means that STC remains especially
vulnerable to drought, famine, or other societal problems affecting the local context. Ask God to provide the needed resources to continue training pastors.



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