Bail rejected for ministry leader in Kota, India

By June 14, 2006

India (MNN) — Attacks against Christians continues to increase in India. Christian leaders have been jailed on trumped up charges. Recently two women were raped when they failed to renounce their faith in Christ. Pastors and missionaries are being beaten, all for proclaiming the Gospel.

Hopegivers International has been the target of violence. President Samuel Thomas was arrested recently as were other leaders. However, he’s now free on bail. However, his father, the mission’s founder, MA Thomas is another story.

Hopegiver’s Executive Director Michael Glenn says they got bad news from the Supreme Court yesterday. “Unfortunately we did receive word that he declined to grant bail. So, we have somewhat of a negative impact there. We do have a positive, though, in that Mr. Nathaniel, he’s been there longer than anyone that’s been incarcerated relating to our ministry. We understand that he’s going to be granted bail and be released.”

Hopegivers has been falsely accused by militant Hindus in the state of Rajasthan of publishing a comparative religions book that criticizes Hindu deities. They forced the seizure of Hopegivers bank accounts, the forfeiture of all licenses for their schools, orphanages and hospital and jailed many of their leaders.

Glenn says MA Thomas remains in hiding until the situation can be remedied. However, the biggest problem right now is what to do about school. “The end of this month is really when the kids are preparing to go back to school. And, education is a significant thing there as it is here. Over 90-percent of the students that go there are actually Hindus, so it has an impact on the culture. So, all these things are culminating to this being a very crucial month relating to the ministry, relating to the legal issues.”

Funding is a great need right now. “We’ve had legal bills and they aren’t cheap anywhere, but the people have been faithful to us. We’ve had to put some things on credit over there as well. We are getting the resources to the ministries over there, but it hasn’t been easy and it’s a continued challenge.”

The orphanages and hospital is running despite the problems. Hopegivers’ ministries in other areas are also running. Glenn is excited about what God is preparing to do. “If God is doing something like this he’s doing it for His purpose and work and I think He’s growing us and maturing us and preparing us for an even greater impact for the days, months and years ahead.”

You can help Hopegivers at by calling them at (706) 323-4673, or toll free in the U-S at 866-373-4673.

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