Bangladesh: faith comes by hearing

By February 19, 2016
(Photo courtesy World Mission)

(Photo courtesy World Mission)

Bangladesh (MNN/World Mission) — Every once in a while, someone shares a word picture with us that just needs to be seen by everyone. What follows is a short update from a contact in Bangladesh. People and faces come together from the heart of a believer who loves his country. From World Mission, comes Rabinath’s story:

He dreams that someday there will be a huge number of saved ones in his working area of Bangladesh, and he lauds the contribution of The Treasure (a solar-powered digital audio Bible) in evangelizing his community people. “The Treasure is very easy to understand,” says Rabinath, “as it is in our mother tongue ‘Bangla.’ Most people around me cannot read, so it is an effective tool.” He and his wife visit many of the tea gardens in the remote places and preach the Gospel to those who have never heard of Jesus.

Bangladesh has over 150 tea gardens including three of the largest tea gardens, in both area and production, in the world. Nearly 300,000 workers are employed on the tea estates of which over 75% are women, and where there are women, there are children not too far away.

From one of the recipients, Rabinath noted, “’I received my first Treasure from the wife of the World Mission national partner. She helped me understand how to operate The Treasure, and I am very thankful.’” In a land of many hills and hillocks, it is difficult to reach the people. But “I get excited thinking about going and starting a school for the Tea Garden children. When I become tired of talking, The Treasure makes my ministry easier. They will eagerly listen to the Bible and the Bible stories.”

Having recently received more Treasures, Rabinath lost no time in giving them to others. “School children maximize the hearing of the one unit, as other playmates, classmates, and those living in neighboring houses want to listen, too.”

(Photo courtesy World Mission)

(Photo courtesy World Mission)

A $50 gift has the potential to impact approximately 144 oral learners with the Gospel. Would you share Rabinath’s hope?  “Pray that my dream will come true and many will come to know the Jesus of the Bible. They are listening.”

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