Believers continue to reach out to Mexico’s greatest poverty victims.

By January 13, 2006

Mexico (MNN)–Recent studies show that nearly 24 million Mexicans live in extreme poverty. In Mexico City, millions of people live as squatters, and up to 600,000 children are sleeping on the streets.

Economic growth over the last decade has improved the station for many in Mexico, but for many thousands of others, there remains an ever growing gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots.’

As the disparity spreads, many find themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty, lack of education and unemployment.

Compassion International teams from the United Kingdom are active in the region, working to free the children from economic, social and physical poverty and enabling them to become fulfilled Christian adults.

Pray that Compassion projects will continue to grow in urban areas and reach out to children in some of the largest slums.

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