Cuban churches face an uncertain future.

By January 13, 2006

Cuba (MNN)–Voice of the Martyrs, Canada reports that Cuban church leaders are alarmed over a rise in government repression.

In September 2005, the government issued new directives requiring all house churches to be registered. Shortly thereafter, it appears there’s been a deliberate crackdown on the country’s house churches.

In a news release from Christian Solidarity Worldwide dated January 9, the fate of three churches in western Cuba is in now question.

Last August, the church body of the Baptist Church of El Recreo in Guantanamo Province was evicted from their building. The government is now converting it into a school.
Five months later, the Yamaniguey Baptist Church was threatened with demolition. The destruction has been delayed, but the order wasn’t rescinded. That same month, the church building of the Pentecostal Church of Alamar, a suburb of Havana, was destroyed because the government deemed the building an “illegal construction.”

All indiciations point to a continuing pattern. Voice of the Martyrs, Canada asks believers to pray that Cuba’s church leaders will continue to remain faithful to their calling, regardless of the government’s oppression.

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