Believers in Iran risk their lives to give Bibles

By July 22, 2010

Iran (MNN) — Christians in Iran are remaining faithful witnesses,
even at the risk of death.

Vision Beyond Borders said that in some house churches across
Iran, believers conclude their service by praying over New Testaments. Then,
each believer takes seven New Testaments with them, handing out at least one
copy each day to a non-believer.

In this radical Muslim country, if they were caught, the punishment
would be death. However, they are willing to lay down their lives to spread the

In fact, instead of letting the persecution dissuade them
from being bold witnesses, they are letting it fan the flames of a revival
spreading across Iran. With current oppression in the country, more Iranians are
looking for answers other than the ones they have always been fed, and they
are finding these answers in Jesus Christ.

Iranian believers are a reminder of how everyone should share
the Gospel, despite risks. Pray for these believers to continue in their

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