Believers move to support Indonesia’s church body.

By June 8, 2005

Indonesia (MNN)–The massive quake that leveled Indonesia’s Nias Island actually re-positioned it 12 meters further away from Sumatra. The damage it caused is still being cleaned up.

Aid came, but there were some concerns that it wasn’t getting where it needed to go. AMG International’s Paul Jenks is heading to the region for assessment. “The governmental distribution of food and medication has not been done in a systematic way. So, there are different pockets of the island that have failed to receive the needed supplies. We’ve focused primarily on taking rice and food stuffs to those that we have a ministry to.”

Jenks is headed to Java first to attend the graduation ceremony at their Bible school. From there, he heads to Nias to determine aid efficiency and needs.

Please pray. Jenks says the aid is not only outreach, it also serves as support. But, there are many challenges. “We distribute goods through the local churches that are already established there. It’s difficult sometimes to get the supplies out to the island, that are needed, and then on the island itself, the infrastructure has been badly damaged.”

What their teams do in response is all a part of AMG’s mission and goal: to give each person at least one opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel.

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