Burn clinic future in question now in Haiti

By June 8, 2005

Haiti (MNN) — For Haiti With Love is requesting prayer for a program that’s leading many Haitians to Christ.

For several years For Haiti has relied on generous contributions of Silvadene Cream from King Pharmaceutical Benevolent. According to the ministry, King Pharmaceutical lost their donor for the product. For Haiti with Love’s Eve DeHart says, “If we cannot get this product donated it will become very questionable that we can afford (the) free burn clinic.”

Since For Haiti offers the only burn clinic, this will mean a lot of people will die. More importantly, For Haiti with Love won’t be able to share God’s love with the many people that are sent their way by the local hospital.

At a suggested retail price of $57 for a 400 gram jar, the additional commitment could hurt their food program. Pray that the Lord will use many of His people to fund this needed program in Haiti.

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