Christian radio brings ‘peace’ to Sudan

By June 8, 2005

Sudan (MNN) — It’s called “Radio Peace” and it’s a ministry of Persecution Project Foundation. This organization focuses on persecution of Christians, primarily in Africa. Persecution Project President Brad Phillips says Christian radio is having a profound spiritual impact on the nation that’s suffered through years of civil war and now genocide in Darfur.

Phillips says, “We have two shortwave transmitters (one is) pointed toward southern Sudan as well as central Sudan. And, the shortwave that is pointed toward central and northern Sudan. That’s the transmitter we’re using the Arabic programming to reach Muslims in Darfur, in the Nuba Mountains and Khartoum.” They’re also broadcasting in five other Sudanese languages and English.

Persecution Project has been working in Sudan since 1998 and has been involved in relief, discipleship and advocacy work. They encourage believers in their faith in the midst of persecution, but also encourage them to reach out with the Gospel. “Radio Peace is one of the tools that we’re trying to give to Christians in Sudan so that they can have a witness to their own people as well as to the people that are persecuting them in their own country.”

It costs $34 an hour to run each radio station. Phillips says they’re also providing radios to help the Sudanese hear their stations. “To deliver a radio, we’re asking people to send a gift of $25 and we can get a self powered, hand cranked, solar powered, shortwave radio set into the hands of the Sudanese.”

Phillips believes Christian radio can have a profound impact on peace throughout the country. “The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important way that we can impact the nation of Sudan. All of the issues facing that country are impacted by their view of God. And, unless they’re able to rebuild their lives on the foundation of Jesus Christ, they’re without hope.”

If you’d like to contribute to their radio project, click on the highlighted link above to make your donation.

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