Believers ready tons of emergency relief for hurricane-ravaged Florida.

By September 9, 2004

USA (MNN)–After touring the devastation in Florida, President Bush rolled up his sleeves and helped hand out emergency supplies to long lines of waiting residents.

Before the day was done, he also delivered two-billion dollars in an emergency aid bill to help with disaster relief.
International Aid’s Myles Fish says they’ve joined a growing number of faith-based humanitarian aid groups working to meet needs in the worst-hit areas. “We were able to get in there right after Hurricane Charley, and we have trucks that are being loaded right now to get down there that we believe are going to be able to get down there without being effected by Ivan.”

Fish says their response also includes mobilizing volunteers to do clean up and reconstruction projects. It’s also an opportunity for International Aid to demonstrate Christ’s love to those who are in great need. “The first strategy is that we are always partnering with local churches, and it’s our intent to use whatever support we have, be it volunteers or supplies in an effort to support that local church in their effort to reach their community.”

IAI teams are also looking ahead to long-term reparations. Their workers are joined by Operation Blessing convoys, help from the International Mission Board, Campus Crusade for Christ, Luis Palau Evangelistic Association, the JESUS Film Project, Wycliff Associates, and many others.

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