Women in the U-S are helping suffering women around the world

By September 8, 2004

USA (MNN) — Christians in certain places around the world are considered second class citizens. For Christian women, it can be even worse, even within a Christian family. That’s why Open Doors USA is reaching out with a program they’re calling, “Women of the Way”.

Jane Huckaby is Vice President of Donor Programs for Open Doors. “In many of these cultures women are already considered second class citizens. And so, when you add to their status ‘Christian’ and ‘women’ they are just the lowest of the low.” Many have little hope because they’re denied basic rights and persecuted.

“Women of the Way” is committed to strengthen and support women who live in countries hostile to Christianity. Huckaby says Open Doors is doing what they can to help. As Christian leaders are arrested for their faith, the women struggle. “These women might as well be orphans themselves when their husbands are taken from them. So, they become almost a burden on the church. And, they don’t have thing that they can do to contribute to the church. What Open Doors does, is we provide literacy training, we provide skills training, we provide ways for them to make a contribution to their families, to their communities and to their churches.”

Huckaby says as these women become more self supporting, they are able to share the Gospel. So, they need people to support their training efforts. “We would so treasure anyone’s gift that they can provide to sponsor a sewing class for women, to sponsor a literacy training class, to sponsor Bible teaching, to sponsor the Bibles, to sponsor and to underwrite these family training seminars.”

More Women on the Way chapters are being recruited. Go to http://www.odusa.org or call 1-888-5-BIBLE-5.

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