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By October 15, 2015
Courtesy Photo of Bethany Christian via Facebook.

(Bethany Christian Services photo via Facebook)

USA (MNN) — November is National Adoption Month, and Bethany Christian Services is taking time to celebrate families who’ve chosen to grow bigger. One such family is Paul and his wife, Judi, who through prayer were eventually led to adopt two of their sons, both with special needs.

Long before the adoptions occurred, the couple had always been drawn to the possibility.

“We began considering adoption even before our biological children were born,” said the couple.

After seeing close friends adopt and asking tons of questions, they found themselves in the application process. After that, the waiting game began.

Courtesy Photo from Bethany Christian via Facebook.

(Bethany Christian Services photo via Facebook.

Then one day they received a call from their Bethany caseworker about a possible good match. Once the couple saw his picture and file, they had no doubt this boy was to be their son. In August of 2012, they were able to officially bring him home.

Just a month later, they were back at it, working on a second adoption. Now, as their family of 8 matures, their children are asking when they can adopt again.

“We have been blessed to see the way all our children have embraced adoption,” said the couple.

But adoption hasn’t just been about the children: it’s also been centered on God.

For the family, adoption has shown them so much about God’s grace and love. More so, it’s shown them how all of us are the adoptive children of God.

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