Bethany Christian Services looking for foster families for troubled teens

By November 17, 2010

USA (MNN) — There are two misconceptions about foster
parenting: One is that it is inferior to adoption, and the other is that it is
only a long-term commitment. 

Those who are working in child and family services
acknowledge that foster care is more challenging than adoption. 

A foster family may work with a troubled child, sometimes birth families can be
difficult, authority comes from social
services, and there is the understanding that the child will go back to his or
her birth family or move on to another foster or adoptive family.

All of these challenges mean that getting people to become
foster parents is tough. When the kids
they're being asked to take in are teenagers with criminal records, it becomes nearly

However, Bethany Christian Services is looking for families
who are willing to intervene in the life of a young person and show them
another way. Children who are in foster care are among the
most vulnerable and at-risk children in society. 

A 4-year follow-up study of youth who had aged out of foster care revealed: half had completed high school, less than half were
currently employed, 40% had held a job for at least a year, 60% of females had
given birth, one quarter had been homeless for at least one night, and fewer
than 1 in 5 were completely self-supporting. The unwritten statistics include
substance abuse and criminal activity.

Bethany Believers who take on these shorter-term placements
can quickly make an impact on a child's life. What better way to get a kid back
on track than through the Gospel? Click here for details on how to get started
in foster care.

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