Mongolian Christians want to connect to global body

By June 22, 2010

Mongolia (MNN) — Though the world's second largest
landlocked country, Mongolia is sparsely populated with only 2.9 million
people, and less than one percent of Mongolians are Christians.

However, the number is steadily increasing, and believers
are excited and vocal about their faith. Through church outreach, 300 home
groups have been started throughout the country, and they have sent
missionaries to five other countries.

This fervor was evident when earlier this month Global
Advance held a Frontline Shepherds Conference. Some 300 pastors and lay leaders
attended the conference. Jonathon Shibley of Global Advance said 100 of these
leaders felt led to plant a church, and they believe they can do so without
leaving their current occupation.

"God had really opened their eyes to: I can stay in my
lane of business or commerce and plant a ministry right there within the work
of what I'm doing," Shibley said.

Yet, even though these leaders are willing, Shibley said
Mongolia still needs many more leaders: "The harvest is ripe, but we need
to pray for more workers, and discipleship is a huge key, as people are open to
the Gospel they've got to be rooted and grounded in the faith."

To aid in this discipleship and church planting, Shibley
said, "We really want to walk alongside them in that effort, so we're
going to do our best from our end to send encouragers over from the states and
other places who can walk with them in that process."

In addition to sending these mature Christians to guide them
in church planting, Global Advance also created a church planting guide in
their language, Khalkha Mongolian.

With the leadership and
guidance these believers have received so far, they are expanding their vision
to more than just a community of believers in their own town, city or even
country: "There's a fresh work that's going on there among the
Mongolian people: they're so open to wanting to identify and connect with the
greater global body of Christ," Shibley said.

Pray for God to call more leaders, in the church and in the marketplace,
who will exemplify Christ and disciple new followers.

Also, visit Global Advance's website to support their ministry
and the sending of these leaders.

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