Muslim uses Facebook profiles to find and target Christians

By June 21, 2010

Morocco (MNN) — Everywhere you turn, links or advertisements
instruct you to follow a person, organization, event or group on Facebook–on Web sites, at baseball games, at your favorite restaurant, on television, in the
grocery store.

But what if your Facebook profile were used as a weapon
against you by Muslim extremists opposed to your Christian faith?

According to Compass Direct News, this is exactly what is
happening in Morocco, where over 100 foreign Christians have been deported
since the beginning of the year for allegedly "proselytizing."

Facebook user Gardes Maroc Maroc collected pictures and
information from Christian converts' Facebook profiles, then posted 32 collages
of the Christians, referring to them as "hyena evangelists," "wolves in lamb's
skins" and accusing them of trying to "shake the faith of Muslims." If the
latter statement were true, the Christians would be guilty of breaking Morocco's
anti-proselytizing law and would face deportation or prison.

Compass believes these recent accusations and the rash of
foreign Christian deportations is an effort to remove all Christian influence
from this historically-moderate Muslim country.

As the government pushes harder against Christians, there
seems to be an increase in the number of Muslims who oppose Christianity–foreign
or national. Compass said Moroccan Christians' Muslim relatives have had a
change in attitude toward them, and some have been asked to leave or been
kicked out of their houses.

In addition to Maroc singling out several Christians, he
also called for authorities to investigate the Village of Hope in Ain Leuh,
where he claimed "foreign missionaries" were indoctrinating the children. This may
be part of the reason the orphanage was raided on March 8 and 26 foreign
Christians expelled.

Pray fervently for foreign and native Christians in Morocco.
Pray for their safety and courage to continue to share their faith, even if
accused of breaking proselytizing laws and being imprisoned or deported.

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