Bethlehem Bible College announces Bethlehem institute of Peace and Justice

By May 11, 2021

Palestine (MNN) — Hundreds of Palestinians suffered injuries this weekend in clashes with Israeli police in Jerusalem. Dozens of police officer injuries have been reported as well. These conflicts have been fueled by the eviction of Palestinians to make way for new Israeli settlements. Read more here.

But Andrew Bush with Bethlehem Bible College says through it all, Palestinian Christians remain committed to peacemaking. That’s why the school is launching the Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice.

A vision for peace

Bush says some might ask, why bother making peace in the Middle East? “But Jesus didn’t get that memo. He called us to be peacemakers. And Bethlehem Bible College, out in the midst of its experience of living in the midst of conflict, has just been convinced that the way forward is the way of reconciliation and promoting the dignity of all peoples and justice for all who live in the land.”

The Institute will offer courses in English for anyone who wants to attend, starting this fall. “And our goal is to assist local and international peacemakers to be part of preventing and mitigating and transforming conflict and establishing sustainable peace and justice. in Palestine, Israel and throughout the world.” You can join these classes, either traveling to Bethlehem or participating remotely.

Most of all, pray The Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice will foster peace and reconciliation around the world.



The header photo shows the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which Israeli police stormed over the weekend. Andrew Shiva / Wikipedia