Better roads allow OIM to share the Gospel in Ghana

By January 15, 2004

Ghana (MNN)–Ambrose Brennan with Oasis International recently returned from the country of Ghana. He spent the time teaching classes at the training center and also worked to buy additional property.

They now have more than 4 additional plots of land that will be used for classrooms and housing for some of their workers.

The government is also improving the roads in Ghana. This has allowed for better transportation and they are able to get to some of the smaller towns and villages to share the Gospel.

The mission group continues to look for ways that they can impact their community for Christ. They are looking for ways in which to help the country economically. Not only are there financial needs but even water and electricity can be a problem. Water can be off for two to three weeks at times.

Their school is being asked by the government to purchase additional electrical poles and telephone poles to help out with expenses and God may even use this opportunity to impact lives for Christ.

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