BFTW hands out bibles during Persian New Year

By April 30, 2021

Turkey (MNN) — This year, Bibles For The World reached out to Iranian people as they traveled to Turkey.

During the Persian New Year celebration in March, many Iranians celebrate in Turkey, away from their own government. Businesses in Turkey, shuttered by the pandemic, eagerly welcomed Iranian revelers.

John Pudaite says, “This is usually a time of celebration, of feasting, drinking, shopping, open-air concerts, and other gatherings and cultural festivities. We saw this opportunity to reach out to Iranians.”

Iran has one of the fastest-growing churches in the world. In this festival, Bibles For The World saw an opportunity to hand out Bibles to Iranians as they celebrated. Pudaite says, “Most of our team were Iranian Christian refugees coming out of the camps. They were so eager to reach out to their fellow Iranians with the good news of Jesus Christ. Either they became believers while they were in Iran and realized they needed to get out from under that repressive regime, or they had met the Lord after they came out to Turkey, while they’ve been in the refugee camps.”

“It’s very exciting to work with these people because they are so on fire to reach out to their fellow Iranians with the message of Jesus Christ.”

Pray the Bibles distributed by this team will strengthen the Iranian church, and point many to the hope in Jesus. And praise God for the faithfulness of these Iranian Christians.



The header photo shows a traditional Persian New Year table setting. (Photo courtesy of RODNAE Productions from Pexels)

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