Bi-vocation may be the new hinge of an old church-planting strategy in Asia.

By October 21, 2004

Singapore (MNN)–OMS International is taking their mission to the next level.

Five years ago, they launched an outreach that oversees national evangelists and their work. It’s called ‘Every Community for Christ ‘ or ECC–and the All-Asia seminar just took place in Singapore.

OMS’ Dick McLeish explains the meeting’s purpose as the hinge on which a strategy balances. “They’re really looking at trying to move into bi-vocational and redefining what a church really is. Taking people that may be farmers, they may be in construction trade, they may be shopkeepers, but they may also be led by God to start a small church.”

McLeish says that interested believers are shown how to apply the church planting strategy. “From that, go ahead and develop a church and also train and equip others in that area to reach out and start the same thing. It’s a very exciting thing where you can train and multiply churches in a very rapid way.”

Ask God to give each traveling safety and good health while teaching, encouraging, praying and sharing Christ’s love. Ask for open hearts to receive all that God has for them.

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