Nock-Ten skirts Guam.

By October 21, 2004

Guam (MNN)–Typhoon Nock-Ten continues to follow an unpredictable path, losing steam as it goes. As of Thursday afternoon, the storm was downgraded to a tropical storm.

For Trans World Radio’s KTWR station manager, Chuck White, he’s breathing a sigh of relief. In 2002, a super-typhoon caused severe damage to their antennae fields.

This time, White is attributing what happened to believers on their knees. “We’ve got people all around the world praying about it, and, in fact, what happened was the typhoon approached Guam, and then swung around Guam to the south and off to the northwest as if it were one car passing another, or driving around a tree.”

White says they were ready, but they’ll count the near-miss as a blessing. “We did not have any loss of air time at our station. The island was buttoned down, shutters on windows, things tied down, cleared away, people in storm shelters, and nothing happened. It just went around us. We’re rejoicing to say the least.”

White says the irony is that those they reach in Asia with the hope of Christ may not have even known the potential danger the station faced.

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