Bible desecration is being ignored by the world

By June 7, 2005

International (MNN) — While the Organization of Islamic Conference has demanded that the US bring to justice those responsible for the desecration of the Koran at Guantanamo Bay, nothing is being done to condemn similar acts again the Bible in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabia-based organization issued that statement over the weekend after a Pentagon report detailed incidents where American guards at Guantanamo Bay desecrated the Koran. However, OIC is saying nothing about allegations that Saudi Arabia customs officials routinely confiscate Bibles and in some cases puts them through a paper shredder, according to religious rights campaigners.

However, Bruce Smith, the President of Wycliffe Associates says there’s a reason for the one-sidedness. “Muslims view the Koran as dictated in Arabic by God, so that the words themselves are his words. And, we view Scripture as inspired by God and able to be translated into every language to effectively communicate His truth.” And, that difference triggers a different response.

Even though this is bringing even more tension to what’s viewed by the world as a Muslim-Christian conflict, Smith is hoping Evangelicals don’t allow this to become an issue because the Bible is readily available. “(Through) radio waves, the internet, the continued printing of the Bible, underground distribution of Scripture, those kinds of things, are happening all the time and the reality is the Word is getting out. And so, the fact that there’s resistance to that should surprise no one and should discourage no one.”

Smith says this issue will hopefully open doors to share Christ with the Muslim world. “My interest as a Christian, as a missionary, and a person who cares about people who God cares about is to try to build bridges to these people to understand God in a different way than what they have in the past.”

To do that Wycliffe Associates needs more people. “Our particular niche in Wycliffe Associates is to enlist and engage Christians with their vocational experience and skills to become part of the Bible translation team.” More than 1,200 people helped in construction, computer programming, business, and other areas to assist in Bible translation. Click on the highlighted link above to get connected.

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