Bible distribution partner encouraged by phenomenal growth in India

By April 29, 2009

India (MNN) — Punjab is the
birthplace of the Sikh religion and the only state of India with a Sikh
majority. Mawii
Pudaite with
Bibles For The World says it's also the home of a fledgling ministry.

Spiritual hunger is strong, as evidence by
the response to one of the partner's work. "Already 12 fellowship groups
have been established as the result of the 200,000 copies of the Gospel of
John we provided for Pastor Masih of Punjab."

By "12 fellowships," Pudaite
means new churches. That's remarkable
growth since last fall. Encouraged by
the progress, Pastor Masih is "asking for one million Gospels:  500,000 copies in Punjabi and
500,000 in Hindi languages.“

During a visit to India in
October 2005, Dr. Ro Pudaite shared a strategy to distribute the Gospel of John into
every home in Chandigarh, one sector at a time.

At least 1, 000 copies of the Gospel reach new
homes in Chandigarh every day. Pudaite says, "In that Gospel, this offer is
made: if anyone would like to read the entire New Testament, they can write for
a free copy.'" And people are responding by the thousands.

The distributors say, “This job
is not an easy job. It requires commitment and patience in times of exhaustion.
But still, it is not because of salary or fame, but because of the Gospel.”

There are 66 sectors, each one
being home to over 5,000 households. Pudaite urges prayer support and financial help.  “It costs 25-cents per copy to print and
deliver the Gospel into these homes," which opens doors for the
advance of Christ. Click here to help.

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  • I am in contact with a Pastor in Punjab he is requesting help to distribute bibles, it is a small ministry and like many have little resources as he is serving people who have very little. Are you able to supply Bibles in Urdu to this Man of God?

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