Bible distributions underway in China

By April 19, 2023

China (MNN) — In January, China finally eased lockdowns after three years of intense pandemic restrictions. Chinese believers eagerly returned to work, and their plans are coming to fruition now.

“Our distribution schedule is filling up; we distribute within China through the registered church in rural areas. That process is handled through partners we’ve had in place for many years,” Kurt Rovenstine of Bibles for China says.

Most distributions put a Bible in the hands of Chinese Christians who cannot afford one. More about that here.

Sponsoring a Bible delivery costs less than a specialty coffee, ranging from “$5 to $6 to get it (a Bible) from the printer to the hands of a believer looking for that Scripture,” Rovenstine says.

To fill the Christian leadership void, Bibles for China increasingly equips “rural leaders and students with study Bibles that help them prepare for ministry in churches,” he adds.

Study Bibles cost more to print and deliver but are “a critical resource for the young lay leaders in China preparing to do ministry,” Rovenstine says.

“[It] helps them be better prepared [to walk through] doors that God’s opening for them.”

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Pray that believers in China will obey the Lord as He leads them to and through new opportunities.

“Pray that there would be a sense of relying upon the Holy Spirit to guide and direct these believers and open doors for Bibles to get to places that maybe haven’t been open to us before,” Rovenstine requests.



Header image courtesy of Bibles for China.

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