Post-COVID China exodus provides Gospel opportunity

By February 24, 2023

China (MNN) — Hopes were high in December when China announced it was dropping the “zero-COVID” policy, and things started to open up.

Today, “we need to [pray] for our friends there (in China) because there are adjustments and challenges as they move into this new (post-pandemic) era,” Bibles for China’s Kurt Rovenstine says

The economy isn’t bouncing back as quickly as hoped. Part of the problem? Chinese people leave the country – on vacation or forever – and take their money with them.

“A lot of people who can do so are seeking opportunities outside of China,” Rovenstine says.

As the old saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. “Bibles are being distributed to the (Chinese) diaspora in Russia, and then [we also have] ministry to seafarers,” Rovenstine says.

“[People] we’ve had a tough time reaching within China are becoming available in countries all around the world.”

(Photo courtesy Bibles For China)

One Gospel opportunity is growing in the United States – specifically for believers in Silicon Valley. A 2021 report found that 29 percent of the world’s top technology researchers studied in China. More than half then moved to the United States.

Now that you know, ask the Lord how He wants you to respond. You can connect with Bibles for China here.

Pray for “a great harvest of souls and open doors for Bibles to get to places that haven’t been open to us before,” Rovenstine requests.

“If China recovers and some of these people return to China with the Gospel in hand, then that’s good for China.”



Header and story images courtesy of Bibles for China.