Bible ministry is still seeking an army of believers

By February 23, 2005

USA (MNN) — In a world where there are 50 English speaking countries that need Bibles, a Bible ministry is seeking an army of American believers to handle the need.

It’s Bibles for the World’s All-Volunteer Bible Army. How does it work? Many Americans have so many Bibles just sitting on a shelf not doing anything. Bibles for the World would like to get them out of retirement. Studies indicate that the average American household contains 3 to 5 extra Bibles while over one billion people have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Go to to register the number of Bibles you’d like to put back into service. Bibles for the World will send you a complete kit with pre-printed letter you can include in your Bible mailing. Then ship the Bible to Bibles for World’s headquarters, where they’ll be packaged and shipped overseas. You can also register over the phone at 888-38-Bible.

It’s all part of their Billion Bible campaign. It’s more than just providing Bibles to those in need; it’s mobilizing the U-S church for missions, without leaving home. It’s also about providing need resources to help believers in evangelism.

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