Bible revered by most Americans

By July 9, 2008

USA (MNN) — While the United States is quickly becoming a more pluralistic nation, the Bible continues to be a book revered by most Americans. According to Barna Research, 86-percent of Americans called the Bible a holy book. Only 4-percent said the Koran was holy, 3-percent called the Book of Mormon holy and Torah just two-percent.

Evangelist Sammy Tippit read the research. "People have a high view of the Bible. Whether they're Christian or not, they view it as some kind of sacred text, something that is special, that is holy, and important."

Tippit, who regularly speaks about revival, says, "I find it very positive with a lot of potential. There are the seeds of a great revival in the hearts of the American people."

Another part of the research is interesting to Tippit. He says the largest segment of the American population that doesn't view the Bible as a holy book is the Asian population.

He says, "There have been a lot of Asians who have immigrated to this country–people who have come from non-Christian backgrounds, that have really no understanding of Scripture or the Bible. God is giving us a great opportunity to reach them with the Gospel. [And] by doing that, we can reach the whole world for Christ."

While multiculturalism is growing, Tippit says there's good news. "In the midst of that, we have not lost this sense that the Bible is America's special book. That's what flies in the face of multiculturalism. And I think that the nation isn't ready to throw that book out."

Unfortunately, some evangelicals are using other tools to evangelize the country. Tippit says that can't happen. "We must build from the foundation of Scripture everything we do. If we don't, I think that we'll build a house that when a storm comes, the structure will collapse because the foundation is not solid."

Tippit is issuing a call to prayer, especially for American families. "We've developed some tools called 'Praying for Your Family' that will help people to pray for those family members. We could have a revival if just the members of our families committed their lives to Christ, we could have an incredible awakening in America."

You can get more information on Praying For Your Family by clicking here.

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