Bible school students preparing for ministry in Indonesia

By August 13, 2007

Indonesia (MNN) — In Indonesia, a national ministry has
proven particularly effective in evangelism. 

AMG International's Paul Jenks
says church growth is taking off, which brings its own challenges to long-term
ministry. "We have a group now of
about 400 churches that have affiliated together in an independent church
movement, and these churches are very eager to see new churches planted and
young men and women trained. This is really an exciting, continuing opportunity
for AMG to stay involved in seeing people come to Christ."

AMG's Berita Hidup Seminary in
Solo will play an integral role in this. The school opened 20 years ago, and in its
first turnout, the Seminary trained 100 students to be church planters and

That mission remains unchanged
but has become much more focused.
Earlier this summer, graduates of Berita Hidup Seminary in Solo, Indonesia, set out to
fulfill their calling as preachers, itinerant teachers, church planters and

Jenks notes that their training
opens new doors for outreach. "We can see graduates with the credentials
to go into the public schools to be teachers there. This gives them not only a livelihood, but
also it gives them an opportunity to be a voice for the Gospel there in their
local communities. It's been a very successful strategy for us."


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