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Published on 15 May, 2012

Bible school to start over in Thailand

(MNN) — The main Bible training school coming alongside the Karen refugees in
Thailand is gone. It was the largest school of its kind in Thailand.

has been no word on rebuilding efforts. According to reports from the Karen
News, fire destroyed the Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School and College
(KKBBSC) in Mae La Refugee Camp 18 days ago.

said the fire quickly spread to other buildings including the library, food
storage, and teachers' homes were also destroyed. As many as 1,000 people helped to stop the
fire so it would not spread the surrounding houses and villages. Thai police
and camp authorities are continuing to investigate the cause of the blaze.

Freedom International
has been working alongside and supporting those who
managed this important ministry. Pray for the residents of Mae La
Refugee camp who have been affected by this catastrophe.

In 1983, four teachers and six students began classes in what
would become the Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School & College. In 1990, due to civil war between the Karen
and the Burmese, it has become a Theological Institution displaced along with
the displaced Karen people.

Undaunted, the school continues to train and equip men and women for
evangelism and discipleship. The most unique circumstance is that they're in Mae
La camp which is housing more than 50,00 people. The
school trained young people to serve in ministry in the refugee camps and in
the countries where refugees are settling.

school was coming up on three decades of equipping the next generation
Church. Pray for wisdom for the ministry
leaders as they try to regroup and figure out their next step. Ask God to
provide the resources to continue the work. 


One response to “Bible school to start over in Thailand”

  1. Htoo Wah says:

    God bless KKBBSC

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