Bible Society bombed in Gaza

By April 17, 2007

Gaza (MNN) — Violence has again targeted Christians in the
Gaza Strip Sunday, according to Palestinian police. The bombings came a day
after the Palestinian cabinet ratified a security plan aimed at stopping
mounting lawlessness in the Gaza Strip, where rival factions have frequently

E3 Partners
works closely with the Bible Society. E3's Tom Doyle says the explosion happen
shortly after 2:00 AM local time. "A huge bomb exploded at the Bible
Society in Gaza. In fact, the first floor
was really damaged. The roof has fallen, and everything in the first floor is
pretty much destroyed."

While Bible Society staff members weren't injured, their
security guard was. Doyle says, "The Islamic terrorist group kidnapped
him, beat him up, and left him in a really, really bad fundamental area. And,
we're thankful he is alive."

The Bible Society didn't operate this facility in a vacuum.
Doyle says. "It was [approved] by the Palestinian government years ago to
give out Bibles to those who are interested. They lead a lot of people to the
Lord there. They have Bible studies and leadership training and things
like that."

In the past year, 127 churches have been started in the
entire Middle East region. Doyle says
this attack may be in response to that. "So many good things are happening.
There's such a hunger and a thirst for the Lord. It definitely is threatening
to radical groups in the area, so they certainly want it stopped."

With the increasing violence in Gaze, Doyle is concerned
about a ruling by the United Nations. "If it's declared an official danger
zone by the UN, then none of the groups that are in there helping will be able
to stay, and of course we won't be able to get in."

The climate, says Doyle, is both good and bad for believers.
"The political climate is very tense, but in the midst of it, that's
when God is moving because people are desperate and folks are coming to the

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