Christians respond to college campus shooting in U.S.

By April 17, 2007

USA (MNN) — At least 30 people are dead and about the same
number wounded in the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history. The shootings
began at about 7:15 Monday morning in the Ambler Johnson residence hall on the
Virginia Tech University campus in Blacksburg.  Reports of more shootings came two
hours later, this time in Norris Hall, where most of the fatalities took place.

"Everyone's just really stunned right now," says
Robert Howe on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Virginia Tech
University. He lives across the street from the campus. "I've been trying to contact some of my students to make sure they're okay and make sure they know where their friends are. It's [been] hard getting in touch with people," he

Howe describes the situation immediately after the shootings.
"Things have been very quiet. Of course everything's been locked down. And when they told the faculty and the students to leave, people started
streaming away from campus."

InterVarsity has nearly 200 students that participate in
their ministry on campus, says Howe.  As far as helping students, Howe says they're going to "point them to the Lord and His
sovereignty; He's in control of the situation. We know that God is at work
in this town, and we don't understand what has happened today. But we know that
God is in control, and that's what we're going to keep pointing our students back

According to Howe, students will want to talk about God.
"I think this is an event that's going to bring the university community
together. It's already the end of the school year, but people will be open
to talk about God and about Christ because of the nature of what's
happened here."

Pray for the team that's working their. Howe
says, "Pray for wisdom and how to respond. All of us are pretty young and
only have been on staff for a couple years. We weren't expecting anything like
this. And for this to happen — to be put in a place of spiritual leadership — we need to respond and serve people. We just need the Lord's strength and
wisdom right now."

A university-sponsored convocation is taking place today,
with a campus ministries' prayer meeting scheduled for Wednesday. In the meantime, many young people are asking lots of questions. Pray that Christians will
be ready with answers and that God will lead many to Himself. 

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