Bible teaching radio ministry is seeing exponential group

By July 27, 2006

Australia (MNN) — Christian radio listening is growing exponentially around the world. Back to the Bible is experiencing the growth first hand. Back to the Bible produces three Christian programs and they’re being heard on over 350 radio outlets in over 65 countries.

Berni Dymet heads up Back to the Bible’s Christianity Works in Australia. “Christian radio seems to be growing really strongly outside of North America. But, in a whole bunch of other countries, particularly in Africa, there is a real growth and strength in Christian radio.”

The good news is their programming is reaching those who need to hear the Gospel, says Dymet. “Consistently our polling and research is showing that 40-percent are non-churched, and 30-percent are non-Christian. So, we’re really reaching a very large non-Christian audience.”

According to Dymet, people aren’t just passively listening. “I think people are looking for something and when they tune in to really good Christian radio they discover, ‘maybe these Christians have something valid to say, maybe this Jesus has something valid to say in my life.”

Growth in their programming is pretty incredible since it’s only been on the air for 18 months, says Dymet. “Australian content is quite liked around the world,” says Dymat. “Our programs seem to go everywhere and anywhere and a lot of doors are open. We’re talking to a station at the moment in the Arabic world.”

They’ve also just started broadcast on government run Radio Rwanda. “The station has never ever taken Christian content before and God opened a door there and we’re on Saturday and Sunday nights in that very needy country to a huge non-Christian audience,” Dymet says.

While Christian radio is thriving these nations, the financial support for the ministry in Australia has not. Pray that many would join Back to the Bible in reaching lost people through radio with their financial support.

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