Purpose Driven trek across Asia

By July 27, 2006

South Korea (MNN) — Purpose Driven Ministries’ Rick Warren is in the Philippines this week as he continues his trek across Asia. Last week crowds filled Sangamdong World Cup Stadium in Seoul, South Korea to overflow. It was Warren and the Gospel of Jesus Christ that brought in more than 100,000 people, the largest crowd in the history of the stadium.

Warren called for a third revival in that country — a revival much like the 1907 Pyongyang Revival that many say established the base of Korean Christianity. According to The Christian Post, Warren told the huge crowd that South Korea is a nation that has received material blessings from God. Those blessings must be shared for another revival to come, he added. According to The Christian Post article said, South Korea sends out more missionaries than any other nation besides the United States.

“Almost 30,000 of them had to watch the service on large video screens set up on the parking lot,” Warren wrote in his online blog. “It was the largest crowd ever packed into the stadium – more even than attended the World Cup soccer finals in 2002!”

The trip is part of Warren’s desire, “to see what the Church is doing there and to encourage [the] coming reformation,” Warren says.

“The whole reformation starts with a new look at the worldwide Church, a global community of millions of local churches around the world,” says Warren. “That means God is going to use ordinary people like us to change the world. I’m convinced of it, and I’m going to give the rest of my life to seeing it happen.”

Warren continues with that message in the Philippines this week.

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