Bible Translation continues across Africa even as obstacles confront projects.

By December 23, 2004

Africa (MNN) — Bible translation is a crucial work being done in Africa, but with poverty, war, famine and disease throughout the continent, the Seed Company encounters many obstacles.

Teams face hostility between warring groups, hostility from those who do not want them there, poor transportation, verying levels of education in those they are training, and meager living conditions. Their projects must be carefully planned and implemented as they go into these challenging regions.

Roy Peterson is president of the Seed Company. “Almost everywhere we are working in the world today we’re working in places that are developing countries, that don’t have the infrastructure and resources. Just traveling to the sights quite often is an incredible journey of faith, just to get there.”

But the work continues with much anticipation and trust in what God is doing to further the Gospel. The need is great; many people groups need the Gospel in their own languages. But the Seed Company is addressing that need.

Peterson encourages Christians to pray, “Right now the Seed Company is working in over 200 ethnic groups, different distinct language groups, helping them translate the Scriptures for themselves. And the greatest thing any of your listeners could do would be to get involved with us, praying for these ethnic groups.”

You can also be involved in the work the Seed Company is doing by sponsoring a people group translation project or going on a short-term trip with the Seed Company. Go to their website for more information,

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