Bible translation ministry launches Bantu project.

By February 5, 2007

Africa (MNN) — Swahili is among the most widely spoken
languages of the eastern part of sub-Saharan Africa.

World Bible
Translation Center's

Gary Bishop says it's for this reason that they're focusing on it in their next
translation project.   "For many of the tribal groups, there is
a need for a translation in their heart language. That's why the Swahili has
really come about. We are going to do that in a Kenyan dialect of Swahili, so
it should be applicable to many of the countries in the eastern part of the

Bishop says Swahili touches a lot of Africans at
their heart language level.  An Easy-to-Read Bible will impact a lot of
ministries in a positive way.  How soon?  "We're going to start
the translation in the first of 2007. So, we would hope to see a New Testament
within about three, three and a half years, and then a complete Bible in about
four years after that." 

Easy-to-Read Version
is translated on a third grade level, so that
anyone with basic literacy skills or with little or no Christian background can
understand.  WBTC works to provide the Easy-to-Read Bible
to help people understand makes up the church and how the church is to work.

That said, the first prayer need for the Swahili project is
to find the translation team. Funding is also needed. Click here if you want to
help put this project on the fast track.

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