Bibles are needed in China as persecution against Christians continue.

By November 3, 2003

China (MNN) — There are many opinions. Some say Christians are free to worship Christ, as long as their churches are registered. However, believers the unidergroup church say, they can’t worship freely under that system so they’ll take their chances. That’s what’s facing many organizations who are trying to help Christians in China.

What is known is that ersecution against underground believers continues. Wold Help wants to assist Christians who don’t believe they can worship freely as a registered congregation. World Help’s Eric Vess says everything you hear about oppression in China is true. “You can have provinces where Christians operate openly with the knowledge of the Government, they simply ignore them. You have other places in China where Christians are being arrested, beaten and even killed and buildings are being burned down by authorities. This is all happening all at the same time.”

World Help is raising money to provide one-million desperately needed Bibles for the church, estimated at 60 to 100 million. “Every year, legally, one to two million Bibles are printed in China. And, millions more are sent in. All of this is a drop in the bucket if you consider the fact that there are only 20 to 30 million Bibles at the most in the entire country.”

World Help is just 75-thousand short of their goal. It costs just $5 dollars to print and place a Bible in the hands of believers in China. Pray that many will be encouraged to get involved.

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