Bibles are needed in Haiti to fight Voodoo.

By November 11, 2003

Haiti (MNN) — When the Word of God is not available for seeking hearts, or even for people who claim Christianity, the result is a deep spiritual and moral void. The Bible League can get Bibles into the hands of Haitians who desperately want and need them. “There is a hunger for the truth of the Word,” says one Haitian pastor. “Project Philip is exactly what we need.”

One Haitian pastor who oversees 60 churches recently shared with Bible League staff that only he and his top leaders have Bibles of their own. The most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere, few can afford a Bible. The lack of Scripture availability and accessibility in Haiti has opened the door to continued dependency on voodoo.

Through “Project Philip,” the Bible League’s Bible study program focusing on evangelism and discipleship, the people of Haiti finally have access to Bibles in their heart language. Through this program, Christians, as well as those who are seeking spiritual answers, can obtain a Creole Scripture by working through a Bible study with a local Christian.

“Project Philip is the first discipleship material produced in large scale in Haitian Creole,” says the Bible League’s Latin America Director. “Many will have the opportunity to study God’s Word in a serious way for the first time.”

Getting people into regular Bible study along with a local Christian is guaranteed to bring a change in Haiti. When people study Scripture, their lives, communities, and countries change.

Contact the Bible League at [email protected], call 866-TBL-INFO.

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