Bibles for China begins work in new region

By October 7, 2022

China (MNN) — Bibles for China has begun operating in a new region of the country, one previously closed off to their work.

Kurt Rovenstine says, “A couple of provincial leaders in the central part of China (I can tell you that) are taking a step of faith to allow us to work with them. God knows who those folks are. Again, our work is open and legal, but still very challenging for our partners on the ground.”

The ministry provides Bibles to be distributed in rural China.

CCP congress

This new project comes at a time many other provinces have slowed down their work with the ministry.

On October 16, the Chinese Communist Party will hold a crucial congress. A great deal of political intrigue has surrounded the meeting, especially in Beijing. Last week saw a political purge as a court jailed the former vice-minister of public security. A former justice minister and police chief also faced charges.

Unfounded rumors swirled of Chinese President Xi Jinping being placed under house arrest. He is expected to be granted a third term during the congress.

Rovenstine says these challenges force creativity. Bibles for China has begun investigating the possibility of printing a Bible. “The first one will be a bilingual Bible with English in it. That gives another way to get people interested. Some people may just want to learn English.”

“As they’re learning English, maybe they will also gain some truth of who God is, how He loves them, and how He wants to have a relationship with them.”

Ministry in China requires constant change. Ask God to encourage Chinese Christians as they tell the story of Jesus.



Header photo courtesy of Bibles for China. 

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