India calls on Pakistan to stop religious persecution

By October 6, 2022

India (MNN) — During a recent session of the United Nations, India called on Pakistan to stop persecuting religious minorities.

John Pudaite with Bibles for the World says it’s an ironic statement. “India is certainly moving up the ranks in terms of being a country where there is increasing religious persecution, where it is harder and harder to be a Christian. Again, we’ve talked about the anti-conversion laws being passed state by state across the country.

Islam vs. Hinduism

Why is India making these statements? India’s majority religion is Hinduism. In Pakistan, Hindus often find themselves persecuted by the Muslim majority. But in India, Muslims often face persecution.

This goes back to the Partition, the dividing of India and Pakistan into two states, one with a Muslim majority and one with a Hindu majority. Pudaite says, “This continues that rivalry between Hindu and Muslim factions. At the same time, I see the Christians being caught in the middle, caught in the crossfire. As this plays out, I think Christians will get the brunt of the abuse, the persecution, and the oppression that comes out of it.”

“Both the Hindu population inside Pakistan and the Muslim population inside India are still fairly large compared to the Christian populations.”

Despite the hostile religious climate, people across India and Pakistan continue to encounter Jesus. Pudaite says, “We saw thousands coming to Lord during public events in Pakistan earlier this year. And in India, we see constant, continuous reports of new believers in Christ. That just speaks to the fact that God is at work and speaking to the hearts of individuals in both countries.”

Praise God for these new believers, and pray the Holy Spirit will strengthen them.



The header photo shows refugees during the partition of India. (Photo courtesy of Photo Division, Government of India, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

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