Bibles for China encourages believers amid prolonged lockdown

By April 25, 2022

China (MNN) — China’s harsh “zero-COVID” policy is doing more harm than good for Chinese residents and the global economy.

Since the end of March, tens of millions of people have been cooped up in their homes when infection rates surged in Shanghai. New cases rose again in areas outside the quarantine zone, so authorities say restrictions will remain.

Believers are struggling throughout the country. “It’s a real challenge for the churches; some churches have not met for quite some time,” Kurt Rovenstine of Bibles for China says.

“One of our folks said they haven’t been able to take communion in the church for over two years.”

Nearly half of the cities responsible for China’s GDP are under lockdown. Experts warn that prolonged closures could deal a considerable blow to supply chains for the automotive and tech industries.

Lockdowns also prevent church gatherings and keep believers in rural China from getting a Bible. So, Bibles for China is exploring alternative options.

Before the pandemic started, rural churches held celebration gatherings for believers receiving their very own Bible.
(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

“The Church is requesting audio players for elderly [people], illiterate [people, and] the sight-impaired, so that they can hear the Word of God,” Rovenstine says.

“[Audio players] can be put into the mail and delivered from the Provincial Office or dropped off at someone’s house. Our first batch will be delivered this month; kind of [like] a test to see how well they work and if they’re well-received.”

Another type of audio Bible is perfect in a small group setting. Both devices can be “loaded with content beyond Scripture – some preaching from the provincial leaders, and those kinds of things,” Rovenstine says.

“We’re excited about that [opportunity]. It’s a bit different for us, but the leaders are asking for it and think it will make a difference.”

Learn more about Bibles for China here. Pray for endurance for Chinese believers. Pray God’s Word, whether in print or audio, provides encouragement and hope.



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