Ukrainian refugees receive warmer welcome than those from Middle East

By April 25, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — The Russian invasion of Ukraine sent five million refugees spilling out across Europe. Governments have been quick to welcome these people – more than they have been of refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria in recent years.

Fear of terrorism

Why is that? First, many Europeans fear letting Islamic terrorists into their countries.

But Emily Klooster with Tent Schools International says Middle Eastern refugees are fleeing war and terrorism, just like Ukrainians. Most are women and children. “Here’s an example: our partner in Jordan provides a safe school for the children of Iraqi Christian families who have fled ISIS.”

Klooster says it is natural for people to feel suspicious of groups outside their own. “But this is something that really needs to be fought against within ourselves and not promoted.”


A Bulgarian official described the Ukrainian refugees as “intelligent” and “educated” in contrast to refugees from the Middle East.

But Klooster says refugees who are uneducated deserve access to education. “In addition, many refugees from both the Middle East and elsewhere held positions of prestige within their own communities, positions that required high levels of education.”

“So to lump everyone together and imply they are unintelligent because they’re from outside of Europe is obviously inaccurate.”

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The header photo shows Ukrainian refugees in Poland in early February. (Photo courtesy of Pakkin Leung, CC BY 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)