Bibles for China sends big-hearted youth to share God’s love

By May 22, 2013

China (MNN) — Some people take to missions like fish to water.

Bibles for China President Wendell Rovenstine says that's what they're seeing in Generation Y.

"That is a group of individuals, age 30 or less, that really have…a passionate heart to be involved in something," says Rovenstine. "They want to give themselves to something."

According to the Mature Market Institute, Generation Y comprises a people group born between 1977 and 1994. Also known as Millennials, this generation typically places great importance on societal development.

Rovenstine says Bibles for China's distribution trips are a perfect fit for Millennials who care about others and want to make the world a better place.

"This is what I like about Generation Y: they want to be there for you," he states. "They care; they show up. When there's something to accomplish, they're in the midst of us."

Right now, Bibles for China's first Gen Y team is delivering 10,000 Bibles and more in a rural village.

"They're going to embrace the heart of the people," Rovenstine explains.

Along with distributing Bibles, this team will be reaching out to community members and capturing their stories on video. It fits perfectly with one of Bibles for China's new organizational goals.

"We want to be a little more involved in the heart of the people, and touch them, see them, and hear them; [We want to] hear their stories and talk to them about what they need and how we can help them," Rovenstine says.

Watch for trip updates on Facebook.

In addition to the Gen Y team, a team of three visited China in early May. They were able to hand out nearly 40,000 copies of God's Word to rural pastors. They also witnessed the baptism of 22 new Chinese believers.

"That was an 'aha!' moment for our Bibles for China team," says Rovenstine.

Another distribution trip is planned for November; contact Bibles for China today if you'd like to go. And while there was enough funding to cover the printing costs of Bibles for the May teams, more copies of God's Word are needed for the November teams.

Through a matching fund, each purchase will be doubled. Click here to send Bibles to China.

Pray that more supporters come alongside this important ministry.

"We don't have the endorsement of a big church or big corporation, or some 'spiritual [benefactor]' that says, 'Here, go do Bibles,'" Rovenstine explains.

"We need the dedicated, committed, loving Christians of America that believe God's Word IS our final authority."

Please also pray that "where we show up, that's where God wants us and His will can be accomplished," Rovenstine requests.

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